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The Florida Board Riders is pleased to announce the formation of a grassroots organization meant to brighten the future of surfing in beach communities in the Sunshine State. A staple of surf communities around the world, Board Rider clubs foster fun, safety, self-esteem, ocean and environmental stewardship, and community engagement for surfers of all ages through friendly competitions and other events.


“Surfing has grown so big so fast, which is cool. But I think at this time we need to pump some blood into the heart of the culture, which are the local surf communities,” says Florida Board Riders Executive Director Dane Jefferys. “Bringing everything full circle, the Florida Board Riders hope to not only foster the next generation of surfers in the state, but also support local businesses and better connect surfers to the communities they surf in.” 


Just as Florida homes are built on strong foundations, the Florida Board Riders will build off the rich history and legacy of surfing in the state. The Florida Board Riders is already working with partners in surf communities throughout the state to establish local chapters. Each club will carry out various mission-aligned events, including contests, charitable drives, beach cleanups, ocean conservation education, water safety training, surf movie nights, and more. 


The culmination of these efforts will be the 2020-2021 Florida Board Riders Competition series, which will pit clubs from all across the sunshine state in a team format surf contest. Each club will be represented by the best surfers in all age groups from their respective area. 


The Florida Boardriders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Funds collected by the organization through member dues, partnerships, and donations will be distributed to member clubs to facilitate the main functions of the Florida Board Riders in their local area. 


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To carry out its mission to foster the next generation of surfers while giving back to the local community, The Florida Board Riders is seeking donations and partnerships.


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